The company was founded in Danderyd in 1989. The founders gave the company the name S.C.Products AB. The abbreviation stood for Scandinavian Care Products. In order to better protect the company name and avoid confusion with similar company abbreviations, the company in 1992 changes the name to LEVTEK AB. The managing director since 1989 is Anders G. Levin.

Company profile

The name LEVTEK stands for life-technology. We sell and market high quality products and take pride in our good customer relations. The company acts as distributor and wholesaler for healthcare products.

Throughout the Nordic countries we wish to be perceived as a dependable provider of products and support service. Our customers are private individuals, stores and healthcare professionals. Our primary concern is to improve the quality of life of individuals with the help of high-quality products and services. The most important measure of quality is our customer satisfaction and reliance on the proven product quality and performance.

LEVTEK as an organisation will act responsibly and behave ethically to maintain and improve our good customer relations. The quality of all our commitments should appear as a strong motive for doing business with us.