Kaz Dynasteam

Colds and flu begin making their seasonal rounds during the fall and winter. Part of the reason for increases respiratory illnesses during this time is because the humidity level in the air reaches its yearly lows. Central heating units in homes and offices further remove moisture from the air. The relative humidity may drop to as low as 10%. Most people experience problems when the relative humidity drops below 25%. A comfortable humidity level should not be higher than 50%.

The lungs and respiratory tract are good examples of body systems that are dependent on moisture to work well, and must function effectively to prevent infections. The nose heats and humidifies outside air as you breathe. Indoor air in your home or office during the winter may be very dry, drying up the delicate layer of mucous membranes in your nose. The KAZ DynaSteam Humidifier helps keep air at a comfortable humidity; you'll breath better and sleep better. It also prevents dryout damage to plants and furniture.

KAZ humidifiers produce a superfine vapor, higher efficiency and no fallout.... and with the revolutionary new Kaz DynaFilter they also clean room air by removing dust, pollen, odors and tobacco smoke.

2-Year Warranty

- Lifetime-lubricated, safety-fused motors
- Unbreakable translucent container - visible water supply
- Instantaneous operation
- Easy to use, easy to clean
- Effective DynaFilter