Kaz Evaporative

Clean, Cool, Invisible Vapor
Restores Moisture to Dry
Indoor Air for Healthful Living.

Water is one nutrient that all forms of life must have to survive. When your body does not have sufficient moisture, it functions poorly. Physicians have always advised drinking plenty of fluids for proper health. Breathing in humidified air follows the same logic.

The lungs and respiratory tract are good examples of body systems that are dependent on moisture to work well, and must function effectively to prevent infections. The nose heats and humidifies outside air as you breathe. The respiratory tract has small cells with tiny hairs known as cilia. It also has cells which produce mucus. If your body has sufficient water, the mucus forms a layer of sticky protection to trap cold and flu viruses, pollutants and other debris in the air you breathe. The ciliated cells act to continually move the mucus, viruses, bacteria and pollutants backwards up to the throat, where it is swallowed or expectorated. This protection is vital in helping to prevent upper respiratory illnesses such as the common cold.

How KAZ Evaporative Humidifier works.

The Kaz Wicking Filter soaks up water from the Humidifier Base.As dry air is drawn into the humidifier and through the wick, it absorbs moisture. The humidified air is directed back into the room, providing a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable environment. The humidifier naturally regulates moisture output, increasing humidity when air is dry and decreasing output when room humidity is high, avoiding oversaturation.

3-Year Warranty

When humidifiers are used i the dry winter months, they provide these benefits:

- Keep your respiratory system moist, allowing it to fight off bacteria, viruses and pollutants.
- Help prevent dry crusting in the nose.
- Relieve symptoms of hay fever.
- Relieve dry, irritated and itching skin and eyes.
- Relieve dry, scratchy throat and cough.

Up to 17 Hours Operation per Filling
4,5 litres Capacity (1,2 gallon)
On/Off Switch, Quiet Operation
Exclusive Water FillChannel
Pure Natural Moisture-
No White Dust
Water level Indicator