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Compression stockings
Venofit Fashion
Venofit fashion, the finely knitted, elegant medical compression hosiery with exceptional wearer comfort.
Venofit Classic
Venofit Classic, the sheer and stylish compression hosiery in attractive colours.
Venofit Shape
Venofit Shape, the classic, hard-wearing compression stocking.
Venofit Cotton
Venofit Cotton, the medical comression hosiery with cotton which is kind to the skin.
Venofit Uomo
Venofit Uomo, the stylish, comfortable, medical compression stocking with cotton.
Florex, the shaping and hard-wearing compression hosiery.

Support stocking
Venofit Red
Venofit Red, the fashionable modelling and elegant support stocking.
Venofit Vivo
Venofit Vivo, the stylish support stocking by Kundt. With cotton, for men and women.

Florex Color GENU
Florex Color GENU, the seamless knee bandage with a silicon ring.
Florex Color MALLEO
Florex Color MALLEO, the bandage shaped to fit the ankle joint, with friction pressure pads.
Florex Color EPI
Florex Color EPI, the bandage shaped to fit the elbow joint. With friction pressure pads and velcro strap.

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