Advice and recommendations

If you suffer from mycosis or psoriasis
First consult your physician who is the only one who can make an exact diagnosis. Maniquick makes it possible to carefully surface clean the effected area and the prescription salves you are using is absorbed better and faster. Your attachments should not be used by anyone else without first being sterilised to avoid contamination. The attachments can be bought separately.

If you suffer from diabetes
We advice you to use our model Maniquick Diabetic, which with it's reduced speed and rounded attachments is especially developed for diabetics. As those suffering from diabetes can have diminished sensitivity we recommend that you first consult your doctor.

Maniquick does not require any special maintenance. The attachments should however be cleaned carefully. Use a hard nailbrush and cleaning alcohol or some other type of disinfectant. Attachment parts can also bi sterilised (Not the mandrel or the felt cone).