Dentiquick by Maniquick

The ultrasonic cleaner for dentures and dental appliances. Its efficiency is comparable to professional units and was tested and approved by professionals. It was developed in collaboration with ultrasonic specialist and dental hygiene specialist.

Do dentures need regular cleansing?
- Yes, because "third generation" teeth deserve the same care as natural teeth.
- Yes, because deposits (plaque, tartar and stains) accumulate on dentures too.
- Yes, because this accumulation leads rapidly to specific problems such as inflammation, stomatitis and candidiasis, not mentioning the denture discoloration and bad breath.

Is ultrasonic denture cleansing necessary?
- Yes, because the cleansing products currently available have only a limited chemical effect and do not eliminate efficiently deposits firmly stuck to the denture or the tissue-fitting surface (20-25% of the deposits at the best are eliminated).
- Yes, because denture wearers are unwilling to spend more than 5-10 minutes in denture cleansing which is far insufficient considering the presently available products.

How does it work?
The built in electronic system giving ultrasounds that produce some 40'000 vibrations per second. These vibrations produce in the water / solution minuscule empty bubbles that implode in contact of immersed objects. The ultrasound liberate there of the attached microscopic particles. Ultrasound is of no danger to human beings nor animals.

- 4-5 times more efficient than chemical products used alone
- cleansing of dental appliances within 4-8 minutes
- can be used also for spectacles and jewellery (apart for pearls and watches)