Groom Mate

Battery-free Nose & Ear Hair Trimmers
Groom Mate nose & ear hair trimmer works without batteries for your grooming satisfaction. By simply twisting the bottom handle the rotary blades gently clip away unsightly nose & ear hairs. The precision clippers are encased in plastic, protecting your delicate nasal area from blade-to-skin encounters. You will be pleased to find that grooms mates are much easier and safer to use than scissors. Incredibly gentle trimming

How does Groom Mate work?
Groom Mates unique design features a micro-scissors process that gently shears away hair, without batteries. With a simple twist of the wrist, the inner blades move into and across the outer blades just like scissors.

Hold the upper handle with one hand and insert the trimmer 1/8" into your nostril. Now, with the other hand rotate the bottom handle back and forth, clockwise and counter clockwise. Much more thorough trimming can be achieved this way than by rotating the blades in only one direction.

And no more expense of replacing dead batteries.

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers use Groom Mate battery-free nose hair trimmers.

Lifetime Guarantee
For every 10'000 Groom Mates purchased, only one is returned for replacement. Now that's customer satisfaction! Every Groom Mate is fully inspected and backed by lifetime guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied we will replace your trimmer.