Maniquick Deluxe
With an integrated micro-motor, the power goes directly from the motor to the attachments and gives freedom to your movements.

Its two-speed motor (first for delicate care, second for using the device at its high power) allows users to treat with ease and success all hand, foot and nail problems.

Comes in an elegant hard box for orderly arrangement.

Standard attachments:
felt cone Ref.210
fine grain sapphire cone Ref. 211
rough grain sapphire cone Ref. 212
fine grain sapphire disc Ref. 213
sapphire round file Ref. 214
sapphire flame file Ref. 215
protection Ref. 228

Other Manicure/Pedicure products
Maniquick 2000 (Ref.243)
Maniquick Standard (Ref.140)
Maniquick Diabetic (Ref.130)
Maniquick Pocket/Top Nails (Ref.160/165)
The attachments

How to use Maniquick
Find out how to use Maniquick products
with simple and efficient gestures that
relieve your pain.

Advice and recommendations
If you suffer from mycosis or psoriasis.
If you suffer from diabetes.