Maniquick Diabetic
Special for diabetics.
Maniquick "special diabetics" is a device specially conceived to respond to the particular needs of diabetics.

This device is electric-operated with direct fixation of attachments to the motor block.

This device has been tested in the medical and hospital fields and is highly recommended for it's usage "with no danger". As those suffering from diabetes can have a diminished sensitivity we recommend that you first consult your physician. The usage of our Special Diabetic line is recommended by an increasing number of specialists because in comparison with clippers and scissors they reduce notably the risk of self-injury. The device is equipped with an automatic stop security system under excess pressure which may injure the less-sensitive epidermis caused by the disease.

Standard attachments:
felt cone Ref. 210
fine grain sapphire cone Ref.211
rough grain sapphire cone Ref. 212
fine grain sapphire disc Ref. 213

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The attachments

How to use Maniquick
Find out how to use Maniquick products
with simple and efficient gestures that
relieve your pain.

Advice and recommendations
If you suffer from mycosis or psoriasis.
If you suffer from diabetes.