Maniquick Attachments

1. Fine grain disc (Ref. 213/1613)
To file end of nails, to give them a perfect shape and to prevent problem toenail.
2. Felt cone (Ref. 210/1610)
To eliminate rough edges and to massage nails.
3. Fine grain cone (Ref. 211/1611)
To eliminate rough skin or corn.
4. Rough grain cone (Ref. 212/1612)
To eliminate corn and calluses smoothly and quickly.
5. Round file (Ref. 214)
To treat corns and bunions.
6. Flame file (Ref. 215/1615)
To prevent problem toenail by removing dead skin appearing around the nails.
7. Rough grain disc (Ref. 222/1622)
To file very thick and hard nails.
8. Sapphire long cone (Ref. 220)
To eliminate corn under the feet. Use on dry skin.
9. Needle file (Ref. 224)
To eliminate dead skin around the nails and to remove a problem toenail.
10. Cuticle trimmer (Ref. 221)
To trim the cuticle aruond the nail.
11. Cylindrical file (Ref. 223/1623)
To file the surface of nails which have become to thick.
12. Brush (Ref. 225/1625)
To polish and shine natural and artificial nails.
13. Emery supprot & tubes (Ref. 226/1626)
To shape artificial nails. Available in 3 grains.
14. Set of 30 emery tubes in 3 grains. (Ref. 226.1/1626.1)
Recharge for 226/1626

Other Manicure/Pedicure products
Maniquick 2000 (Ref.243)
Maniquick Deluxe (Ref.200)
Maniquick Standard (Ref.140)
Maniquick Diabetic (Ref.130)
Maniquick Pocket/Top Nails (Ref.160/165)

How to use Maniquick
Find out how to use Maniquick products
with simple and efficient gestures that
relieve your pain.

Advice and recommendations
If you suffer from mycosis or psoriasis.
If you suffer from diabetes.