Venofit Classic
Venofit Classic believes that genuine medical compression hosiery should be attractive sheer, stylish and be available in a wide range of appealing colors.

Venofit Classic combines stylish appearance with medical effectiveness. The compression which decreases from the ankle to the thigh stimulates the venous blood return to the heart. Your legs feel good all day.

- Especially sheer and soft two-way stretch knit, seamless compression hose
- Available in attractive colors
- Fully elastic toes
- Practical heel reinforcement
- Fully elastic micro-mesh body

Compression class 1, light, Model no. 130
(24,5 - 28,2 hpa, 18,4 - 21,2 mm Hg)

For tired and heavy legs; for mild cases of varicosis without significant edema and for early symptoms of varicosis during pregnancy.

Compression class 2, medium, Model no. 100
(33,5 - 42,9 hpa, 25,1 - 32,2 mm Hg)

For more severe discomfort; pronounced varicosis with tendency to edema; post-traumatic swelling conditions; after healing of minor ulcerations; following superficial thrombophlebitis; after injection treatment and varix operations in order to reinforce the treatment success and in cases of more severe varicosis during pregnancy.


Absolute contraindications: - advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease
- decompensated heart insufficiency
- septic phlebitis
- blue phlebitis

Relative contraindications: - weeping skin disorder
- intolerance to elastic stocking material
- impaired sensibility in an extremity
- advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. diabetes mellitus)
- rheumatoid arthritis

Model no. 130 80% polyamide / 20% elasthane
Model no. 100 70% polyamide / 30% elasthane