Venofit Fashion
Venofit Fashion is the finely knitted, elegant medical compression hosiery for the fashion-conscious woman.

Whether at work or travelling in the car, on the train or plane - Venofit Fashion keeps your leg fresh. You will really feel the difference.

Medical compression hosiery do not lose their compression and comfort qualities, even after repeated washing.

- Particularly fine knit
- Fully elasticized toe with seam on the underside
- Reinforced heel
- A range of fashionable colors
- Tights with soft and elastic body section

Compression class 2, medium
(33,5 - 42,9 hpa, 25,1 - 32,2 mm Hg)

With more serious complaints; pronounced varicosity with a tendency to suffer edema; post-traumatic swelling; following healing of minor ulceration; after superficial thrombophlebitis; following scleroses and varix operations for reinforcing success of treatment.


Absolute contraindications:
- advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease
- decompensated heart insufficiency
- septic phlebitis
- blue phlebitis

Relative contraindications:
- weeping skin disorders
- intolerance to elastic stocking material
- impaired sensibility in an extremity
- advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. diabetes mellitus)
- rheumatoid arthritis

46% elastane, 54% polyamide