Venofit Shape
Venofit Shape are extremely hard-wearing. Thanks to their porous knit they are particularly air-permeable.

Because of their outstanding durability they are especially suitable for long-term therapy. Even if your legs need permanent compression support, they will still feel comfortable, not least because of Venofit's perfect fit.

Venofit Shape stockings are particularly hard-wearing - they retain their compression capacity even after repeated washing and extensive use.


- Porous and hard-wearing knit, making it well suited for long-term compression therapy
- Air-permeable and therefore extremely comfortable to wear
- Long lasting
- With open toes, also available with closed toes on request

Compression class 2, medium, Model no 101
(33,5 - 42,9 hpa, 25,1 - 32,2 mm Hg)

For more severe discomfort; pronounced varicosis with tendency to edema; post-traumatic swelling conditions; after healing of minor ulcerations; following superficial thrombophlebitis; after injection treatment and varix operations in order to reinforce the treatment success and in the early stages of varicosis during pregnancy.

Compression class 3, strong, Model no. 111
(48,5 - 61,2 hpa, 36,4 - 46,5 mm Hg)

For all conditions resulting from constitutional and post-thrombotic venous insufficiency; severe tendency to edema; secondary varicosis; blanche atrophy; dermatosclerosis and after healing of severe, especially recurring ulcers.


Absolute contraindications:
- advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease
- decompensated heart insufficiency
- septic phlebitis
- blue phlebitis

Relative contraindications:
- weeping skin disorders
- intolerance to elastic stocking material
- impaired sensibility in an extremity
- advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. diabetes mellitus)

Model no. 101: 67% polyamide / 33% elasthane
Model no. 111: 61% polyamide / 39% elasthane