Venofit Uomo
Venofit Uomo, the stylish comfortable, medical compression stockings with cotton.

Uomo is the knee high stocking for health-conscious men and women, who sit or stand for long periods. Intended for anyone who suffers from tired legs through lack of exercise, but who wants fashionable and elegant hosiery.

With Venofit Uomo you will feel noticeably better.

- Particularly fine and soft knitwear with cotton
- Fully elasticized, closed toe
- Comfortable, strong, reinforced heel
- Reinforced heel
- Available in black, marine and anthracite

Compression class 2, medium
(33,5 - 42,9 hpa, 25,1 - 32,2 mm Hg)

For pronounced varicosity with a tendency to suffer edema; post-traumatic swelling; following healing of minor ulcerations; after superficial thrombophlebitis; for continued successful treatment post surgery; following sclerosis and varix surgery.


Absolute contraindications:
- advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease
- decompensated heart insufficiency
- septic phlebitis
- blue phlebitis

Relative contraindications:
- weeping skin disorders
- intolerance to elastic stocking material
- impaired sensibility in an extremity
- advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. diabetes mellitus)
- rheumatoid arthritis

36% cotton / 25% polyamide / 39% elastane